Girl Scouts launch wellness programs

This month, many of us are on a post-winter health binge, delighting in mild temperatures with outdoor activities and enjoying the local seasonal produce. The very sight of green in our yards and vitamin D from the sun are just a couple all-natural health benefits that come with springtime. While most people hear “Girl Scouts” […]

There’s No “U” in Corporate Wellness

Companies are increasingly recognizing the benefit of investing in corporate wellness programs to reduce employee healthcare costs over time. The increased awareness of the cost savings resulting from corporate wellness programs is certainly commendable. However, many companies turn to word-of-mouth corporate wellness programs rather than relying on evidence-based programs. It is important for those in […]

Here Comes ObamaCare’s ‘Workplace Wellness

During the congressional debate over ObamaCare, few provisions stirred less controversy than an amendment providing incentives for companies to encourage their workers to stay healthy. It’s a turbocharged version of “workplace wellness” programs: If employees fall short of their targets—on blood pressure or weight, for example—employers are allowed to make them contribute more to their […]

Wellness Programs Keep Workers and Businesses Healthy

Employers are finding that employee wellness programs are just what the doctor ordered. These health management initiatives are designed to keep healthy workers in top form, while helping those with chronic conditions to better manage their illnesses. Wellness programs seem to be working. Companies that provide them say these programs result in lower health care […]

Employer Wellness Programs: Final Rules Issued Under The Affordable Care Act

Steven Gillman is a Partner Chicago and Adam Young an Associate in our Chicago office Final regulations for wellness programs have been issued to help employers encourage healthier behaviors among their employees. Background Large employers are much more likely to offer a variety of wellness incentives to their employees. That said, estimates are that half of the […]