Wearable Technology: The Coming Revolution in Healthcare

The year 2014 may well go down as the year of wearable technology. The impact of wearables is already being felt in education, communication, navigating, and entertainment; but perhaps the greatest potential lies in healthcare. Wearable technology has started to revolutionize healthcare by assisting doctors in the operating room and providing real time access to […]

Healthcare IT — An Investment Choice For The Future

The very first time I saw real innovation in healthcare IT was in 2003 in Chicago, when Linda Hall presented QuickMedix (later named MinuteClinic). What really impressed me was the simplicity of the premise, based on the easy “in and out” of 1 Hour Photo. If people could drop off their film and pick up the photos at […]

Lean Startup Lessons for Healthcare Businesses

Entrepreneurs with ideas for health-related businesses typically devise their business plans based on discoveries they made in medical laboratories, or problems they needed to solve in their own jobs (say in hospital administration). But are those ideas really strong enough to translate into viable businesses? A new program at the University of California at San […]

Technology, prevention will move health care costs down

WASHINGTON — In 2014, expect a flurry of changes to continue to bend the health cost curve down, accelerated by the Affordable Care Act, experts say. Even die-hard believers in the connection between the economy and how people spend on medical expenses are saying this may be the year that proves them wrong, as providers […]

IT Can’t Fix Complex Healthcare Problems

A lot has been written about the need for better care coordination to rein in healthcare costs and lower the high readmission rates in U.S. hospitals. Tech vendors and medical researchers have been trying to parse all the variables to figure out what tactics we need to fix the system. It looks like we’re moving […]

Boston Children’s Hospital starts world’s first pediatric hand transplant program

Boston Children’s Hospital is announcing Monday that it has started the world’s first hand transplant program for youngsters, with the goal of restoring limbs to victims of devastating infections, fires, or accidents. A hospital ethics committee approved the program following a two-year review, and doctors said they will begin evaluating children immediately. Initially, they will […]