Wellness Coverage and Obamacare

Everyone is talking and worrying about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which became law in 2010. Much of the focus on Obamacare these days is on the “individual mandate” provision, which will require almost everyone to have health insurance coverage starting Jan. 1, 2014. What has received less attention are the provisions for preventive care […]

Exercises to Prevent Dementia?

Q: Are there exercises to ward off dementia? I am 66 years old and exercise three to four times a week. How much more or what kind of exercise should I do in addition to cardio to maintain brain health and ward off dementia? A:  You might want to add several weight-training sessions every week. […]

WellTrackMD, The Best Way To Provide Preventive Services To An Underserved Community

The Affordable Care Act, which is scheduled for implementation next year, offers opportunities for Medicare patients to receive medical checkups and health assessments beyond their first year of eligibility. This Medicare program is called the Annual Wellness Visit. The Medicare AWV benefit is simply the best way to provide preventive services to an underserved community. […]