Tips for getting on Part A and B of Medicare

BY BETSY VIPOND The Senior Health Advisor Published: May 4, 2014 Getting on Medicare can be confusing so I would like to share some simple tips about ways you can go about it. Part A is hospitalization coverage and Part B is the medical benefits. There is no charge for Part A and the base […]

Medicare is the best care for those 65 or older

BY JOHNNY PROFFITT (SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION) Published: January 20, 2014 If you are age 65 or older and haven’t signed up for Medicare Part B (medical insurance), now is the time to consider doing so. The general enrollment period for Medicare Part B runs from Jan. 1 through March 31 each year. Before you make […]

Why Seniors Should Say ‘No’ to Paying for the Medicare Doctor-Fix

Congress is floating a proposal that would require people covered by Medicare to fork over more of their money to the health care industry. Older Americans already spend, on average, 23 percent of their Social Security checks on Medicare Part B and D premiums and cost sharing, a figure that jumps to a whopping 32 […]

How Medicare covers ambulance services

Nobody ever plans on needing an ambulance, but at some point you may have to take one during a medical emergency. If you have Original Medicare, your Part B (medical insurance) covers ambulance services to or from a hospital, critical-access hospital, or skilled nursing facility only when other transportation could endanger your health. In some […]

Medicare Cuts Will Cost Seniors

If Washington lawmakers move forward with thoughtless budget cuts, the health of millions of seniors could soon be at risk. Every year, seniors suffering from life-threatening ailments get much-needed help from medicines administered by their doctors. Here in Michigan, for example, almost 800,000 of the state’s 1.7 million Medicare enrollees suffer from arthritis. And there […]

Pharmacies unwilling to take loss on insulin for Medicare patients

Lee Carr is an unwilling participant in a federal rule nightmare. For about nine months, Carr has had increasing difficulty finding a pharmacy willing to supply his insulin on a long-term basis because he is a money-losing proposition for any business. And he’s not the only one facing the bureaucratic problem. Carr gets his insulin through […]

Medicare Supplements: No Changes Coming

Medicare supplement Plan F fills all the gaps in Medicare, leaving a person with no co-pays for services covered by Medicare. Medicare pays its part of the bill and Plan F pays the deductibles and co-insurance.  There has been talk for some time about modifying Plan F because having 100% coverage is too good and […]

MediGap Providers Update Medigap Plan Offerings in Response to Obamacare

MediGap Providers is an internet based service that connects people with Medigap plans, prices, and options, especially Medicare Plan F. In October, Obamacare will start to roll out, and states all across the nation are ramping up to provide information, services, and adequately respond to the changes as they become law. Safety Harbor, FL (PRWEB) […]