Letter: Don’t cut federal support for Medicare Advantage

Because of Obamacare, government subsidies for the Medicare Advantage program were reduced. I have an Advantage plan because it provides additional coverage that isn’t available under traditional Medicare. It is important to me to have access to prescription drug coverage, eye care and other benefits that Advantage plans offer. The price of everything is increasing […]

The Changing Landscape of Medicare Advantage Plans in 2014

By Holly Cassano, CPC, CEO ACCUCODE Consulting LLC, in partners with Tactical Management Inc., (TMI) Medicare Advantage Plans have existed now for nearly a decade and since their inception in 2006, when they covered approximately 8 Million lives, they have grown to about eight times that size, as of 2013, to approximately 46 Million lives. […]

4 keys to scrutinizing Medicare Advantage cuts

Ominous warnings about Medicare Advantage plans have sounded for more than a year now. Health insurers say federal funding cuts to these privately run versions of Medicare will force them to whack benefits, raise premiums, or leave some geographic markets entirely as they fight rising health care costs. The government is paring back the money […]

Medicare Advantage plan changes arriving in the mail

Seniors: keep an eye on your mailboxes this week. Medicare Advantage plans will be mailing required notices of how their benefits and costs will change in 2014. Seniors can join, switch or drop health and drug plans for the coming year between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7. Before all that, plans must provide letters detailing […]

Medicare Advantage Plans Can Cut Costs and Hassle

Here’s something to consider when Medicare’s open enrollment period starts October 15: a private Medicare Advantage plan. Enrollment hit a record high this year, with 14.4 million individuals, or about 28% of all Medicare beneficiaries, in these private insurance plans—a 30% jump in the past three years, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Advantage plans […]

Can Medicare Advantage survive PPACA?

Across America, agents are waiting with considerable anxiety to see what the 2014 Medicare Advantage plans will look like. While there’s a high level of interest every year in what the new plan designs will look like, this year is perhaps the most anticipated in recent history. That’s because the implementation of various parts of […]

Health advantages of Medicare Advantage: Column

One way to lengthen the financial solvency of program while improving health outcomes. The new Medicare Trustees report is a mix of good and bad news. The good news is the modest improvement in Medicare’s long-term financial outlook — with the hospital insurance trust fund now expected to run out of funds in 2026, rather than 2024, […]

Medicare Supplements: No Changes Coming

Medicare supplement Plan F fills all the gaps in Medicare, leaving a person with no co-pays for services covered by Medicare. Medicare pays its part of the bill and Plan F pays the deductibles and co-insurance.  There has been talk for some time about modifying Plan F because having 100% coverage is too good and […]

Nearly Half of EPs Have Received EHR Payments

More than a quarter million physicians and other professionals eligible for the federally funded electronic health-record incentive payment programs have received payments, according to the latest government data. In its monthly update about the programs (PDF), the CMS reports that through March, a total of 255,772 so-called “eligible professionals,” or EPs, have been paid—160,890, or 60% […]