Despite claims, is not enrolling applicants in Medicaid

People shopping for insurance on the federal marketplace may be informed they’re eligible for Medicaid and that their information is being sent to state officials to sign them up. However, states say they aren’t able to enroll them because they’re receiving incomplete data from the Obama administration. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services wrote a memo […]

Medicare open enrollment

Soon senior citizens across our congressional district will be receiving information about Medicare open enrollment. During this two month enrollment period, current Medicare beneficiaries can alter their coverage plans and new beneficiaries can sign up for a Medicare plan for the first time. Medicare open enrollment begins October 15 and closes December 7. During open […]

Many Medicare offerings canceled; others tweaked

Medicare’s eight-week open-enrollment period begins today, allowing senior citizens to tweak their benefits plans for 2014 — and in Pittsburgh, there will be much tweaking, not all of it by choice. “This is going to be one of our busiest enrollment years,” said William McKendree, lead counselor with the Allegheny County Apprise Program, a Medicare-funded […]

Medicare, Medicaid Would Keep Running If U.S. Government Shuts Down

MONDAY, Sept. 30 (HealthDay News) — Medicare and Medicaid recipients and veterans will continue to receive health-care benefits if the federal government shuts down on Tuesday, U.S. officials said Monday. The shutdown also won’t stop Tuesday’s introduction of the health insurance exchanges that are a foundation of the Affordable Care Act. The law, also known […]

Medicare & The Affordable Care Act

Greensboro, NC — The Affordable Care Act Plans haven’t been released and already there is confusion. What do those plans mean for you? If you’re on Medicare, nothing. “I am noticing a lot more confusion because of the ACA/Obama Care. It’s just because it’s in the news a lot and people are worried or wondering […]

Medicare and the new online insurance marketplace

The federal government has stepped up its work to reassure seniors with Medicare that the new online health insurance marketplace will not impact their coverage, Kaiser Health News reports. Across the country, states and the federal government are working to launch web-based health insurance marketplaces by Oct. 1 and begin enrolling millions of people into new health […]

Learn how ACA might affect Medicare

Lower Columbia Community Action Program and the Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner will host a free Medicare informational forum at 2 p.m. Thursday at the CAP building, 1526 Commerce Ave. Every day, around 10,000 people nationwide turn 65, qualifying for Medicare enrollment. Around 15 percent of Cowlitz County’s population is eligible for Medicare, and […]

Next Phase of Health Care Reform Act Coming Oct. 1

Regardless of where a person stands on the issue, the next phase of health care reform – open enrollment in Insurance Marketplace plans – is set to roll out October 1. Kevin Kane, health care organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin, walked crowds in Price County through the basics of the at times divisive legislation […]

Medicare by the Scary Numbers

Even before the latest Medicare trustees report came out at the end of May, the White House spin masters had already crafted a story to go with it. Medicare’s finances have improved, we’re being told. The trust fund will last longer. The unfunded liability is lower. One of the reasons is said to be ObamaCare. […]

Health Sense: You’ve Helped Me Explore Health Care; Let’s Do it More

A man with Lou Gehrig’s disease struggled to get a power wheelchair because Medicare, which would have covered the wheelchair while the man was in assisted living, wouldn’t pay after he moved to a nursing home. A couple paid $850 a month for health insurance. But when the wife got a brain tumor that led […]