Despite claims, is not enrolling applicants in Medicaid

People shopping for insurance on the federal marketplace may be informed they’re eligible for Medicaid and that their information is being sent to state officials to sign them up. However, states say they aren’t able to enroll them because they’re receiving incomplete data from the Obama administration. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services wrote a memo […]

Medicare, Medicaid Would Keep Running If U.S. Government Shuts Down

MONDAY, Sept. 30 (HealthDay News) — Medicare and Medicaid recipients and veterans will continue to receive health-care benefits if the federal government shuts down on Tuesday, U.S. officials said Monday. The shutdown also won’t stop Tuesday’s introduction of the health insurance exchanges that are a foundation of the Affordable Care Act. The law, also known […]

Florida Among States Undercutting Health Care Enrollment

MIAMI — As many states prepare to introduce a linchpin of the 2010 health care law — the insurance exchanges designed to make health care more affordable — a handful of others are taking the opposite tack: They are complicating enrollment efforts and limiting information about the new program. Chief among them is Florida, where […]

Access to healthcare for the poor varies widely among states

The poor in the highest-ranking states are more likely to be covered by health insurance, to have a regular source of medical care and to get recommended preventive care, a study says. WASHINGTON — Access to affordable, quality healthcare for poor Americans varies dramatically among the states, according to a new study that found a […]

In New Health Law, a Bridge to Medicare

THE sweeping federal health care law making its major public debut next month was meant for people like Juanita Stonebraker, 63, from Oakland, Md., who retired from her job in a hospital billing office a year and a half ago. She was able to continue her health insurance coverage from the hospital for a time, but when she tried […]

Clinton defends federal health care law in speech

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Former President Bill Clinton is urging opponents of the federal health care overhaul to help implement and improve the 2010 law, rather than continue “replaying” debates about the measure and trying to repeal it. Speaking at his presidential library in Little Rock, Clinton on Wednesday offered a detailed defense and explanation […]

Priority Health Says Health Care Price Comparison Tool Will Save Consumers Big Bucks

GRAND RAPIDS (WWJ) – In Detroit, the price for a knee arthroscopy ranges from $1,400 to $13,000, and in West Michigan, the price for kidney stone treatments ranges from $2,000 to $14,000. Statewide, driving just a few miles to a lower-priced surgery center or hospital can save patients thousands of dollars in health care services. This […]


Health care is personal, and everyone has a story to tell about it. It’s also the fastest-growing part of the federal budget, making up more than 23 percent of total US. government spending. That’s about $900 billion this year alone. Health care costs continue to rise, Obamacare is being rolled out and may be used […]

Idaho’s poorest fare worst in state’s health care reform

Obamacare is coming, even to Idaho. While other states including Washington have worked for years to implement it, and now are unveiling comprehensive health coverage options for the uninsured, Idaho’s Republican-controlled state government tried for years to fight it. The long fight left a legacy: Tens of thousands of the poorest of Idaho’s poor will […]

Health Care Providers Bracing for Medicaid Enrollment

Under Gov. Rick Perry’s leadership, Texas will not expand Medicaid eligibility to poor adults. But enrollment in the state’s health program for indigent children and the disabled will still swell in 2014 under new rules created by the federal Affordable Care Act. Texas’ health care provider safety net and the state agency that oversees Medicaid […]