Physicians, Hospitals Size Up Value-Based Healthcare

Many healthcare providers now participate in value-based payment models, which most see as the wave of the future, but few of them are happy about it. “Value-based” is a catch-all label for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other ways of restructuring healthcare around payment for value delivered, as measured by metrics of healthcare quality or […]

TONI KING: Rumors about the Affordable Care Act and Medicare?

Toni: I will be 70 on June 20, 2014, and have decided to retire effective June 1. I have always had company benefits and because of healthcare reform my company is no longer covering retirees. Now I have to make new Medicare choices. I would like to know how healthcare reform is affecting Medicare because […]

Barack Obama’s health-care conversion

The most important red line of Barack Obama’s presidency was scrawled hastily in January 2007, a few weeks before he even announced he was running for president. Soon-to-be-candidate Obama, then an Illinois senator, was thinking about turning down an invitation to speak at a big health care conference sponsored by the progressive group Families USA, […]

People don’t like Obamacare. They like defunding it even less.

Two things are true about Obamacare. First, the law has been broadly unpopular for the last several years. Second, the idea of defunding it — as some conservative Republicans are pushing — is even less popular. The new August tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which is the resource for public opinion on the […]