Health Care Reform Insurance Info Site Launched has launched its consumer website for people and businesses seeking information on the new state health-insurance marketplaces. The marketplaces are where consumers seeking individual and employee health insurance can easily comparison shop for the basic plans offered by companies registered with the state. Subsidies will be available to those who meet income guidelines. The marketplaces […]

Health Care’s Forgotten Crisis, Part 1: Families Can’t Afford Medical Care

The real health care battle in this country isn’t the one being fought over the bill everyone now calls “Obamacare.” In fact, it’s not a battle between Republicans and Democrats at all. The real battle is the one millions of Americans face every day as they struggle to pay medical bills that now average nearly $10,000 per […]

Data on Application and Coverage Denial

The large percentage of Americans that rely on private health insurance for health care coverage could expand with enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) of 2010. Until PPACA is fully implemented, some consumers seeking coverage can have their applications for enrollment denied, and those enrolled may face denials of coverage for […]