Hospitals Struggle With EHRs For Quality Reporting, AHA Says

Hospitals encountered major problems collecting quality data electronically to meet the requirements of Meaningful Use stage 1, according to a report prepared for the American Hospital Association (AHA). Unless there are significant policy changes, the report warned, those difficulties will continue in MU stage 2. This is the not the first time the AHA has complained about […]

Most Health Care Records Now Are Electronic

An ever-expanding amount of the nation’s medical records — millions of prescriptions, medical reports and appointment reminders — are now computerized and part of an ambitious electronic medical records program, the Obama administration reports. Since the start of a 2011 program in which the government helps finance new health records systems, doctors or their assistants have filled more […]

7 Golden Rules for EHR Optimization

Eligible physicians are dropping out of the HITECH incentive program. Why? Often, it’s because a practice implements an EHR and then tries to mimic all their old paper processes and workflows. That can get them through the vendor’s initial implementation, but it is not sustainable for the long term. Workflows and operational processes must be […]

Medicare Incentives Speed Adoption of Electronic Health Records

The adoption of electronic health records by eligible Medicare providers is on the rise partly due to government incentives, according to a report by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Almost 75 percent of office-based physicians have adopted EHR systems as of 2012. Health IT spans a range of technologies, including […]

Stay Abreast of Coding and Billing Changes with CMS Hot Topics

Medical billing and coding is constantly being updated. Billing/coding professionals and providers have a responsibility to stay abreast of these changes in order to maintain compliance, and one of the ways that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) communicate these changes is via their carrier websites under the title of “Hot Topics.” Hot Topics consist of […]