Congress Moves To Fix Doctors’ Medicare Pay

In a time of partisan bickering over the Affordable Care Act, something unusual happened just before Congress left for its summer break: the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted 51-0 for a bill that would overhaul the way Medicare pays doctors. The bill would, among other things, repeal something called the sustainable growth rate formula, and eventually replace it […]

AMA Takes On ICD-10, Sugary Drinks, Guns

CHICAGO — The American Medical Association’s policy-making House of Delegates wrapped up its annual meeting with votes on a wide variety of subjects, from ICD-10 to sugar-sweetened drinks to gun control. A key concern for the House is the move to ICD-10. Delegates voted that the association should lobby Congress and Medicare to ask that they require […]

AMA: If ICD-10 is a must, don’t penalize us for doing it wrong

The American Medical Association’s crusade against ICD-10 continues.  When the AMA’s House of Delegates met last week, it wasn’t just to address public health concerns like obesity and gun control: it was to reaffirm its resistance to the way ICD-10 implementation is being planned and enforced.  In order to avoid the anticipated payment disruptions and […]

Medical Group Recognizes Obesity as a Disease

The American Medical Association decided Tuesday to recognize obesity as a disease, requiring a range of medical interventions to advance obesity treatment. The American Medical Association, the nation’s largest physician organization, decided Tuesday to recognize obesity as a disease that requires a range of medical interventions for treatment and prevention. The decision was made at […]

Transparency for Medicare

The following editorial appeared in Wednesday’s Washington Post: Information can be efficiency’s best friend. The more that participants in the marketplace know about the true costs and benefits of various goods and services, and about the behavior of other individuals and firms, the easier it is for them to get the most for their money. […]