Physicians, Hospitals Size Up Value-Based Healthcare

Many healthcare providers now participate in value-based payment models, which most see as the wave of the future, but few of them are happy about it. “Value-based” is a catch-all label for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and other ways of restructuring healthcare around payment for value delivered, as measured by metrics of healthcare quality or […]

The ACO Hypothesis: What We’re Learning from the Medicare Shared Savings Program

Last month, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reported first-year results from the Medicare Shared Saving Accountable Care Organization Program (MSSP). As noted in a previous post, shifting to an accountable care model is a long-term, multi-year transition that requires major overhauls to care delivery processes, technology systems, operations, and governance, as well […]

Survey: Rate of Physician Participation in ACOs Triples

The number of physicians participating in accountable care organizations has increased drastically since 2012, according to Medscape’s 2013 Physician Compensation Report. Last year, just 8 percent of the nation’s physicians were either in an ACO or planned to be in one within the year, according to Medscape’s 2012 report. This year, 24 percent of respondents are […]