Physical Therapy Practice Owners Can Find Affordable Insurance for Their Staff


Now with the Affordable Health Care Act, businesses who do not supply health insurance options to their staff face serious fines. However, many managers in all industries are choosing to pay the penalty in order to avoid providing health insurance options for their employees.

Unfortunately, this method runs the risk of losing better staff that could do great things for the small business. Some businesses are not opting out of paying the penalty and experimenting with a variety of healthcare options to retain staff and comply with the law.

“With the increasing costs of premiums, deductibles and co-pays, many employees will deem the cost and coverage acceptable, when compared to no coverage at all. Clinicians should be aware that these aren’t considered full insurance benefits plans and don’t meet the government mandated criteria,” Chhoda says.

When experimenting with different insurance plans, physical therapy practice owners should know that the Affordable Health Care act does not require spouses to be covered. The assumption with the Affordable Health Care Act is that spouses will find their own coverage through their own employer.

The word “affordable” is also causing confusion with private practice owners. Chhoda says, “The Internal Revenue Service proposed rules to take effect in 2014 which indicates that an employer-sponsored plan is affordable if it doesn’t exceed 9.5 percent of the individual’s household income.” This definition offers physical therapy practice owners more parameters to know which health insurance packages and options are right for their staff without spending too much money for unnecessary healthcare plans.

There are definitely many options for physical therapy practitioners to choose from and many factors to consider when choosing a plan that is right for their staff. The most important thing to remember is that there are options that are right for the staff and right for the business. Remembering that this research could be better for the business and maintaining the best staff is important in order to keep striving to find healthcare plans that fit everyone’s needs.