Healthcare Compliance and Social Media Know-how for Effective Social Media Governance

DURHAM, N.C., Feb. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Given the rapid changes in the communication landscape brought about by social media, Healthcare organizations are increasingly using social media platforms to communicate with patients, build brand reputation, and share information with a larger audience. However, the incorrect use of social networking sites (like uploading the patient’s picture […]

7 Golden Rules for EHR Optimization

Eligible physicians are dropping out of the HITECH incentive program. Why? Often, it’s because a practice implements an EHR and then tries to mimic all their old paper processes and workflows. That can get them through the vendor’s initial implementation, but it is not sustainable for the long term. Workflows and operational processes must be […]

Why a Health Insurance Penalty May Look Tempting

OFTEN, when the government wants you to do something, it makes you pay if you don’t. That would seem to be the case with Obamacare, which penalizes companies for not providing health care. But in that penalty, there could be a paradoxical result: dropping health coverage could save companies a lot of money. Once new health […]

House Bill Shifts Funds in Health Care Law

WASHINGTON — After dozens of attempts to overturn the new health care law, House Republicans on Wednesday took a different tack, promoting legislation that would come to the rescue of a prominent program in the new law at the expense of another vital element of the law. The House bill, named the “Helping Sick Americans […]

These are the Most Important U.S. Medical Conferences

Medical conferences have become a staple of professional, academic, and social life for healthcare professionals across many disciplines. These gatherings range from local community meetings to large-scale workshops and international conferences. Attendees include a wide range of professionals, from clinicians and researchers to academics and private industry representatives. Mobilizing like-minded professionals around a common set […]